Anna Nicole Smith's daughter speaks out for the first time in rare new interview

Where the heck has the time gone?

It's been over 10 years since Anna Nicole Smith died of a drug overdose, leaving behind a five-month-old baby, Dannielynn, which consequently started a paternity battle and one of the biggest entertainment news stories at the time.

Yes, sadly we all remember how Smith's tragic death became a circus, as multiple men fought over baby Dannielynn.

In the end, Larry Birkhead was proven to be Dannielynn’s father and the two have lived a quiet, happy country life together in Kentucky.

That was until recently.

Dannielynn, who's now 13-years-old, has spoken out for the first time in a rare new interview with her father.

Her father, Larry, explained to the Daily Mail people are always asking if she will follow in her mother's footsteps and find work as an actress or model.

"And I never push her in a certain direction," he explained.

"Actually, I get calls all the time and I say 'no, she's not interested in doing that kind of stuff'.

"Right now she's just being a kid."

While he is happy for his daughter to take her time growing up, the proud dad said Dannielynn was already receiving praise for her acting abilities.

"She surprised me because last year she took an acting class," he said.

"I got an email from a teacher and she said 'Dannielynn gave one of the most believable performances of the whole, whole entire school'.

"So, if she wants to do something like that when she's older … we'll see when we get there."

The teenager herself spoke her love of acting, explaining: "It's really cool like to act as a character, not yourself. Portraying a new person is fun."

Larry went on to explain how he and Danielynn talk openly about their family's tragic past. However he remains conscious of the need to shield her from negativity.

"[Dannielynn] knows just really that her mum was famous and she knows about [Anna's late son] Daniel," said Larry.

"I try to incorporate both of them because sometimes Daniel gets forgotten.

"We try to talk about him and I shared a birthday with him, so we always celebrated together."

Daniel died of an accidental overdose in 2006, while the 20-year-old was visiting Anna Nicole in hospital, just a week after she had given birth to Danielynn. Just five months later, 39-year-old Anna Nicole passed away.

Larry feels it's important to remind Danielynn of fond memories of the pair, when tabloid headlines tend to focus on the negative aspects of Anna Nicole's troubled life.

"You know, I tell her stories about them and I try to not make it heavy because she's just now becoming a teenager and I think some of that stuff will come," he said.

"That's the thing, there's so many bad things that people say and rarely do you hear the good things she did for charities and different people.

"Those are the stories I like to tell, you know? Not the ones you see in the checkout stand."

We think her mum would be so proud!