Hilary Barry shares with fans the hilarious present her husband got her for her 50th birthday

Publish Date
Thursday, 5 December 2019, 3:38PM

Yesterday marked Hillary Barry's 50th birthday!

Taking to Instagram, the much-loved Seven Sharp presenter shared a picture of the present she received from her husband - and it's probably not what you're expecting.

Mr. Barry's gift of choice was a black and pink snorkel.

Alongside a photo of her wearing the gift, she wrote: "I turned 50 today and this was my gift from Mr B."

"He likes to go all out for significant birthdays. For my 40th he gave me a wheelbarrow.

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Her TVNZ colleagues Melissa Stokes, Lisa Davies, and Daniel Faitaua were among those who wished her a happy birthday.

Last month Barry won The New Zealand Television Award for best News and Current Affairs presenter for her coverage of the Christchurch mosque attacks.