Hilary Barry uncovers photo of a teenage Ashley Bloomfield performing in their school production

Publish Date
Tuesday, 1 September 2020, 11:30AM

It turns out the face of all official Covid-19 updates is a man of many talents.

Much to the delight of Ashley Bloomfield's fans, Hilary Barry has just uncovered a photo of the Director-General of Health as a teenager performing in their school production of Oklahoma! in the '80s.

Taking to Facebook, the Seven Sharp presenter shared a black and white snap of Bloomfield playing the lead role of Curly in 1983.

Alongside the picture, Barry wrote: "And then I found this from the 1983 joint school production of "Oklahoma!"

"See, it's fun to hoard sometimes."

In the comments, the much loved Kiwi personality explained that her high school Queen Margaret College and Bloomfield's Scots College would team up for the annual school production.

Alongside his musical theatre commitments, Bloomfield was part of the 1st XV rugby team, played in a band and was part of the school's pipe band, and went on to become head boy.

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