The Chase's Mark 'The Beast' Labbett shows off impressive 63kg weight loss on Loose Women

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Tuesday, 22 November 2022, 1:58PM

We've known him as 'The Beast' for as long as he's been famous, but Mark Labbett isn't looking very beast-like anymore ...

The 56-year-old chaser - who stands very tall at 6’ 7” - has wowed fans of The Chase again this week after he featured on the UK show, Loose Women, looking slimmer than ever.

The TV star, who has now dropped 63kg, showed off his dramatic weight loss as he revealed he has gone from a 5xl to a 2xl.

Labbett – who at his heaviest, in 2016, weighed 184kg – said he has lost 10 stone (63kg) in recent months by "eating less and drinking more" as he focuses on his health.

"I think the diabetes may have helped because I eat a lot less. I drink a lot more fluids," he said.

"And looking after a five-year-old during lockdown didn’t help. The amount of times I collapsed in a heap! Plus I’m so busy these days," he added.

Mark before his weight loss.

He said his dog, a golden retriever named Baloo, has also been a huge help in finding a routine that includes regular workouts.

The father-of-one previously opened up about how his diagnosis of type 2 diabetes was the driving force behind his dramatic weight loss. 

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