A couple's Disney World proposal goes viral on TikTok with a cute surprise ending

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Tuesday, 15 August 2023, 11:17AM
Photo / TikTok @herecomemac

Photo / TikTok @herecomemac

There's no denying Disney World is one of the happiest places on earth, and almost nothing is happier than a proposal - but how about two?

After three and a half years of dating, Mac, 31, and their then-boyfriend Alex, 29, got the same idea when on a trip to Magic Kingdom.

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The couple arrived at the park in the morning and met with Mac's aunt and cousin who Mac had invited to film their surprise proposal. However, what Mac didn’t know is that Alex had already told them he planned to propose during the fireworks show that night.

This put Mac’s cousin and aunt in a tricky position as they had to hide two secrets.

The video of the pair's proposal has gone viral on TikTok, currently with over 21.7 million views, showing Alex and Mac posing for a photo in front of Cinderella Castle before Mac gets down on one knee to propose.

Alex then bursts into laughter and also gets down on his knee, pulling out a ring to propose also.


@herecomemac what can i say? we share one brain cell 😂 now we share more! (and have a partner reveal! he's a fairly private person, which is why he hasn't popped up in my tiktoks yet. I can no longer call him my boyfriend 🥰) huge shoutout to @Generic Millennial NPC and @littlestinkah for filming ❤️ #justengaged #proposal #proposalvideo #waltdisneyworld #magickingdompark ♬ original sound - mac (they/them)

"What can I say? We share one brain cell, now we share more," Mac shared in the caption of the viral clip.

"And have a partner reveal! I can no longer call him my boyfriend. Hit me with that Uno Reverse card."


Their video has over 24.7k comments, with people loving the sweet moment!

“They are truly meant for each other,” one commenter wrote. Another added, “Tell us you’re soulmates, without telling us you’re soulmates.”

“So adorable. They were both on exactly the same page,” shared a third.

“You get a ring, you get a ring, we all get a ring. Congrats,” another wrote.


How often do you see both parties in a proposal get down on one knee? The good news is that they both said yes.

“Both of us said yes,” Mac said in a follow-up TikTok. “Our rings match, mine is white gold, and then his is sterling silver."

So sweet!

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