Couple goes viral after travelling the world with their three cats

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Tuesday, 26 July 2022, 1:50PM

Meet Spongecake, Donut and Mocha.

From Paris to Venice and beyond, the feline trio have captured hearts as they explore the world in the arms of their loving owners.

New Yorker Dan Nguyen, who is also known as @spongecake_cats, started filming his explorations and uploading the videos to the social platform TikTok.

The cats now have over 172,000 followers and receiving millions of views on their videos.

In the clips, it is clear that these felines have an appetite for adventure, seen walking through busy streets, receiving pets from strangers, and riding a gondola in Venice.

Dan's cats were able to travel after a long period of careful and gradual training.


Speaking to Newsweek, he explained: "When I first took my cats to Central Park here in New York City, I noticed that they were curious about the outside world, but cautious at the same time.

"As I wanted to nurture their curiosity and spend more time with them outside, I started training them to go on adventures around New York City."

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As time went by, it became clear that the cats were really enjoying exploring new places, with Donut even begging to go outdoors every day.

"That's when we thought about taking them traveling with us so that we could continue to see them exploring new things," said Nguyen. "We started traveling with them one year ago."

Too cute!

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