If you have a dog who hates the rain, dog umbrellas now exist!

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Monday, 7 October 2019, 3:36PM

Let's be honest, no one likes walking around in the rain with drenched shoes and socks, feeling like your cold toes are about to fall off.

And just like some of their humans, dogs can also hate going out in the rain.

But luckily for pooches, someone has come up with a genius idea for them ...

Allow us to introduce you to the dog umbrella!

The dog umbrella is simply an upside-down brolly with a hook that's attached to your dog's normal lead.

You clip it on to your dog's collar and your pup will keep dry as a bone.

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If you're interested in getting one for your fur baby, you can purchase them on Amazon for around $16 - which is definitely worth the investment.

Okay, time for more dog photos:

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