Penguin or man? Optical illusion claims to predict personality

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Thursday, 6 July 2023, 2:00PM
This image is dividing viewers. Photo / TikTok

This image is dividing viewers. Photo / TikTok

An optical illusion going viral online has been claimed to offer an insight into the personality of the viewer, revealing whether you have a sixth sense.

It’s also claimed that how you perceive the simple image can reveal if you are too independent or have a keen intuition.

The visual trick was shared to TikTok by creator Mia Yilin and some users said they were shaken by its uncanny accuracy.

The picture shows a man and a penguin and, depending on which one you see first, can expose hidden truths about your personality.

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Penguin or man? Photo / Mia Yilin/TikTok

Yilin says that if you saw the penguin first “you are an independent spirit who craves freedom and autonomy”.

“You thrive when you have the space to pursue your own interests and goals,” the content creator claimed.

“Sometimes you come across as a bit aloof,” she added.

If you saw the man first that it is claimed that you have a “sixth sense” and an intuition that is “off the charts”.

“But at the same time, you often doubt yourself and seek validation from others, causing you to second-guess your own instincts,” Yilin said.

The illusion is not the only one popularised by Yilin on the video-sharing platform.

The content creator also shared this image:

Yilin claimed that anyone who sees a cat first is “detached and stubborn” and is kindhearted but lacks patience.

“You are also likely to forgive those that have hurt you, so long as they apologise sincerely,” she said.

But if you saw the fish first then Yilin says you can easily tell when you are being lied to, but “shy away from being vulnerable with your emotions”.

“You bottle up your sadness and anger.

“You fantasise a lot about different scenarios and what you wish for the most is someone who truly understands you.”

Many users struggled to find the cat in the image but many commented that the personality ascribed to those who saw the fish was “so accurate”.

“Why am I always getting read by you?” asked one impressed follower.

What do you see first? Photo / Mia Yilin/TikTok

What did you see first here?

If you saw the mountains then Yilin says you are someone with a lot of ambition.

“You’re excited by the unknown and enjoy experiencing new things. Your biggest fear is being confined and restricted,” the TikToker said.

But if you saw the crocodile first then Yilin says you are someone who, while they may appear confident and resilient, are actually anxious and sensitive.

“You were once someone who gave your all to the people around you, but your kindness was never reciprocated or appreciated so now you’ve become less outgoing and less willing to offer your help to others.”

“Jesus Christ! I wasn’t expecting to be so called out just because I saw a crocodile,” one viewer exclaimed.

This article was first published by the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission. 

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