The Chase fans in hysterics after noticing contestants' names are coincidently from The Simpsons

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Friday, 3 March 2023, 10:27AM

There's no denying The Chase brings a lot of laughter into the homes of millions around the world ...

But a recent episode of the show had fans in absolute hysterics after they noticed a very remarkable coincidence with the contestants' names.

As host Bradley Walsh introduced the contestants, it was revealed that all four contestants share their names with the main characters from The Simpsons ...

First up was a 33-year-old fingerprint examiner from Kent called Lisa and sat next to her was Maggie, a 69-year-old property administrator from New Castle.

Next up was 21-year-old Bart who is a student from Birmingham and lastly Marge, a retired 71-year-old.

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Amused viewers flooded social media to comment on the coincidence, with one writing: "How could they not have a Homer in the lineup. It's an outrage."

"Whoever chose the contestants on the chase this week deserves a pay rise, I'm screaming," added another.

Someone else tweeted: "There's no way these people were randomly picked. Some staff member's a fan."

After Bart failed to get through to the last round, the team, unfortunately, lost their £18,000 jackpot during the Final Chase against Darragh 'The Menace' Ennis.

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