The Chase fans in hysterics after noticing remarkable coincidence with contestants' names

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Friday, 20 November 2020, 7:54PM

There's no denying The Chase brings a lot of laughter into the homes of millions around the world ...

But a recent episode of the show had eagle-eyed fans in absolute hysterics after they noticed a very remarkable coincidence with the contestants' names.

As host Bradley Walsh introduced the contestants, it was revealed that two of the names combined formed the name of a major historical figure ...

First up was a 50-year-old office administrator from Johannesburg, was called Winston and sat next to him was Churchill, a 22-year-old economics student from London.

There was also a Theresa on the show and she was sat next to June, which fans wished was instead called May to continue the Prime Ministerial theme.

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Amused viewers flooded social media to comment on the coincidence, with one writing: "Honestly I'm so in love with the person at @ ITVChase who decides what order the contestants go in - Winston Churchill."

"Whoever chose the contestants on the chase this week deserves a pay rise, I'm screaming," added another.

One joked: "The Chase is taking the p*** isn't it? Four contestants Winston - Churchill - Theresa - June. Surely they could have found a “May” out there somewhere. Madness."

Before another quick-witted viewer tweeted: "May pulled out at the last minute. #TheChase."

Unfortunately, after building up £12,000 in the cash rounds, the contestants lost their money during the Final Chase again Jenny 'The Vixen' Ryan.

Too good!

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