The Chase fans left fuming after contestant "sabotages" team by taking the low offer

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Wednesday, 7 September 2022, 3:55PM

The Chase fans have been left fuming after a contestant on a recent episode of the game show accepted the low offer of £1,000 in a bid to make it to the final.

Facing off against chaser Paul 'The Sinnerman' Sinha, Daniel managed to secure £6,000 to add to the pot in the cash builder round.

However, when he was offered £1,000, £6,000 or £30,000 by the 52-year-old brainiac, Daniel opted to knock five grand off his team's potential total, sacrificing the chance to win big money much to the shock of viewers.

Turning to face his team and ask for their advice, Adam said: "I think £6,000 is a great cash-builder, so just get back on the team."

Bobbie added: "It was a great start, you were very good but we need bums on seats so get back with the £6,000."

But he ignored the team's advice and fans were not impressed.

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One viewer questioned: "Honestly, what is the point of going on #thechase, being first up and getting a quite respectable 6K in your cash builder and then taking the LOW offer of a grand?"

A second insisted: "If you take the low offer you deserve to be kicked out. Sabotage."

Another wrote: "What? You expect me to congratulate Daniel for making it through? He took the low offer. And he’s only the FIRST PLAYER in the team."

In the end, Daniel was the only player to make it to the Final Chase and managed to get 13 steps ahead of the Chaser.

However, after one failed pushback, Sinha caught Daniel with 46 seconds to spare, leaving Daniel to leave with nothing.

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