The Chase fans left unimpressed after Bradley Walsh accepts "wrong answer" from contestant

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Thursday, 9 February 2023, 2:15PM

The Chase fans have been left unimpressed after Bradley Walsh accepted a "wrong answer" from a contestant on a recent episode of the game show.

While the much-loved game show host is usually called out by fans for enforcing "harsh" decisions when it comes to the pronunciation of answers, this week Walsh seemingly took a more relaxed approach. 

Facing off against chaser Shaun Wallace in her cash builder round, Joslyn was asked: "According to experts, what Italian bell tower is slowly straightening up?"

To which the charity worker answered: "Pizza."

And in a shocking twist, Walsh accepted the answer.

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Viewers quickly took to Twitter to critique her pronunciation of the Italian landmark the Leaning Tower of Pisa, with one writing: "Did she say 'The Tower of Pizza'? I'm sure she said Pizza, which is wrong." 

Another added: "She definitely said pizza. That's surely a point docked."

"Did she say pizza? Leaning tower of pizza?," questioned someone else.

Joslyn managed to answer another two questions correctly in the Cash Builder round, giving her £3,000 for the Head-to-Head round.

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