The Chase fans slam contestant after she gets "obvious" question wrong

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Thursday, 9 April 2020, 4:07PM

The Chase fans have been left shaking their heads after a contestant on a recent episode of the game show failed to get a seemingly simple answer correct.

Facing off against chaser Anne Hegerty, Kate was unsuccessful in making it past her head-to-head after she made an "obvious" error in which the "clue was in the question". 

The question posed asked: "Which of the following cocktails has ginger in?" as host Bradley Walsh gave the pair three options to choose from. 

After choosing option A; Tom Collins, Kate explained: "I thought I knew quite a few cocktails, but I don't know any of those."

Following the revelation of the correct answer being Prince Harry, the Governess cheekily explained: "Prince Harry; ginger."

Flocking to Twitter, fans were baffled by her response, with one saying: "The clue is in the question love!!! PRINCE HARRY IS GINGER #TheChase."

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Another commented: "#TheChase Obviously it is c because of his hair."

"Ginger. Prince Harry. Made sense to me #thechase," agreed a third.

Poor Kate!

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