The Chase's Mark Labbett hits out at contestant who failed to answer any questions in final round

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Thursday, 27 February 2020, 3:33PM

Viewers were left utterly bewildered after a recent episode of The Chase when one contestant failed to answer any questions in the final round.

Facing off against chaser Mark Labbett, who is also known as The Beast, all four players managed to make it through to the final, but it was Hannah who caught fans attention.

The drama graduate first sparked controversy after she took the low offer of minus £5,000 from the Beast in the cash builder round.

Proceeding to the final, as Bradley started asking the quick-fire questions, the team managed to secure 21 correct answers, however, Hannah didn't attempt to answer a single one - until the team were given a crucial push back on the last question with just 11 seconds to spare.

When the popular host asked the Beast what was the UK's most venomous spider, he passed on the question, giving the team a moment of hope at bagging the £39,000 jackpot.

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Hannah was quick to respond to the question, with the incorrect answer of a Daddy-Long-Legs.

And now the 54-year-old chaser has hit out at the controversial player.

Taking to Twitter he wrote: "#thechase nothing beats a full house....unless they beat themselves :) in a pub quiz or on telly never throw in a wild guess just to hear the sound of your own voice."

Before adding: "Poor girl effectively played for me and sabotaged her own team, replace her with an empty chair and they may well have won."

Poor Hannah!

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