The Chase fans left outraged after they spot an 'obvious' fix in the final chase

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Wednesday, 7 November 2018, 3:49PM
Photo / Youtube

Photo / Youtube

Mark Labbett's shock win on Sunday night has The Chase viewers convinced that the show is fixed, and for good reason.

After a tense final chase where the Beast answered a few questions incorrectly, things were looking good for the three contestants and their £30,000.

The timer seemed to hit zero before Mark got in with his answer, but according to Bradley, he got it in just in time. 

Take a look for yourself here: 


Outraged fans took to Twitter to vent their frustrations at the show.

One tweeted: "100% CHASER LOST!!!! #TheChase what a fix!!!! £30k !!!!! WENT ZERO before the answer [sic]."

"Well that was a ridiculous fix. #justiceforgraham," another posted.

The Beast even appeared to be surprised by his own win, telling the trio that they "deserved" to win.

He said: "You didn't deserve to lose, I'm really sorry guys. You were superb."

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