The Chase's Bradley Walsh gets hilariously roasted by 91-year-old contestant

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Thursday, 26 September 2019, 2:24PM

It seems The Chase host Bradley Walsh has met his match!

On an episode of the much-loved game show last night, the 59-year-old got way more than he bargained for when the show's oldest contestant hilariously roasted him.

Unafraid to hide her sassy personality, great-grandma Jean first caught Brad off guard when he asked her: "Alright Jean, are you ready?"

To which she responded: "Do I have to be?"

She later told Brad her age was 91 and a half - earning her the title of the oldest contestant on the quiz show.

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The pair went on to discuss what she would do with her share of the prize money should the team win, before Bradley said: "Right we'd better get on with the show."

Shutting him down again, Jean informed him: "I could do your job at a pinch you know that don't you? You can be replaced."

A stunned Brad replied: "By whom? You?"

To which Jenny "The Vixen" Ryan, who was the Chaser on the episode, replied: "I'd watch it".

Unfortunately, Jean could not outrun the Chaser and was sent home empty-handed.

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