The Chase's Jenny 'The Vixen' Ryan impresses Celebrity X Factor judges with Queen cover

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Monday, 14 October 2019, 11:59AM

The Chase's Jenny "The Vixen" Ryan is best known for her striking red hair and for being notoriously clever, but it turns out the 37-year-old brainiac also has a sensational singing voice!

The unstoppable quiz titan on the hit series stunned the show's viewers over the weekend when she took to The X Factor: Celebrity stage to perform a stunning cover of Queen's 'Somebody To Love'.

After belting out her own rendition of the 1976 hit song, Jenny received a standing ovation from the judges with Louis Walsh saying: "Wow Jenny, where did all that come from? You’ve got a great voice."

Fans took to social media to also comment on the Chaser's secret vocal talent.

One user tweeted: "Wow Jenny. What an amazing voice."

While another wrote: "Wow Jenny is absolutely amazing - backing her 100% That performance was incredible."

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"Woah Jenny. What a voice! You go girl!" a third added.

While someone else said: "Jenny just gave me goosebumps. WOW how did that just happen?"

Speaking ahead of her appearance on the talent show, Jenny revealed The Chase host Bradley Walsh was the one who encouraged her to go on X Factor: Celebrity.

"Bradley is very proud. From the time I joined The Chase he's always encouraged me to push myself and to explore whatever opportunities I am given.

"That's one of the reasons I accepted the invitation to audition in the first place. I've held myself back a lot for a lack of confidence. And that situation you push yourself forward to take the challenge. It’s a learning experience whatever happens."

Jenny will be continuing to showcase her singing talents on The X Factor: Celebrity, competing against 15 other British celebs - and we can't wait to see more of her! 

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