The Chase's Mark "The Beast" Labbett blames Bradley Walsh after angrily breaking the Chaser table

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Monday, 30 September 2019, 12:34PM

The Chase's Mark Labbett isn't called "The Beast" for nothing!

While he's usually the unstoppable quiz titan on the hit series, the 54-year-old chaser lost his cool earlier this month when he was defeated by a contestant.

After getting an answer wrong - an answer about trousers - viewers were shocked as the brainy quiz master kicked and smashed his fists down on the Chasers table, breaking the part of the set, after Mike managed to win £8,000.

Host Bradley Walsh couldn't contain his laughter over the incident, saying to The Beast: "You've broken the table!"

After retrieving the piece of shredded plastic that had come off, he added: "Look what you’ve done to my table, he’s broken my table!"

However, The Beast has now taken to Twitter to speak out about the incident.

When the TV personality was asked by a fan about the mishap, he was quick to point the blame elsewhere, claiming Bradley "sabotaged" him.

He wrote back: "Bradley sabotaged the chair."

Yeah, we're "sure" that's the real reason you flew back in your chair!

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The last time Labbett lost his temper and smashed up the ITV show's set was in December 2016.

Better luck next time, Mark.

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