WATCH: The best local news bloopers of 2019

Publish Date
Wednesday, 18 December 2019, 2:58PM

Stumbling reporters, sexual innuendo, and incredibly lengthy awkward pauses have all made it into a video compiling the best news bloopers of the year.

Compiled by media monitor Dan News, the 15-minute video is a hilarious collection of some of the best local and overseas news screw-ups from throughout 2019.

• Hilary Barry and Jeremy Wells upset 'Seven Sharp' viewer with Goodnight Kiwi segment
• Hilary Barry hits back after Seven Sharp viewer complains about her showing too much cleavage

Hayley Holt features prominently, as does Coast's very own Mel Homer!

The collection is an annual project for Dan News, and some of his compilation videos have millions of views on YouTube and via his website.