Princess Diana's fatal car crash has been turned into a theme park attraction

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Friday, 24 May 2019, 9:42AM

Move over Disneyland and Universal Studios, there's a new theme park in town ...

And it will include a re-creation of the 1997 fatal car crash of Diana, Princess of Wales.

No, we’re not kidding.

The attraction can be found at the new National Enquirer Live!, which opens tomorrow.

The park - which is located in Pigeon Forge, just a few miles from Dolly Parton's Dollywood - is set to bring some of its biggest stories the tabloid has covered over the years to life, including a computer-generated 3-D model of Paris, with the path of Diana's car shown via animation.

"It’s projected, and you see the buildings and everything in a 3-D presentation," amusements impresario Robin Turner said.

"And it shows the pathway as she left the Ritz hotel, and the paparazzi chasing her, and the bang-flash that we think blinded the driver — and how it happened."

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Turner also adds: "There’s no blood. There’s none of that. You see the car crash through computer animation."

Rather, he said, the exhibit was tasteful and sensitively handled, with only computer animation at work.

When asked about the possible controversy the "People's Princess" death exhibit might generate, Turner said: "It’s definitely not in poor taste. It’s just showing the route of what happened. For people who’ve never been to Paris, it’s just showing the topography, and the distance, and the tunnel, and that kind of stuff… it’s done very professionally."

And for less than US$25 per adult, visitors can judge for themselves.

National Enquirer Live! will also feature exhibits on other classic tabloid stories like moon landing conspiracy theories and O.J. Simpson trying on the size-12 Bruno Magli Lorenzo boots during his murder trial.

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