Breakfast with Toni, Jase & Sam

Breakfast with Toni, Jase & Sam

Coast’s Feel-Good Breakfast.

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Coast’s Feel-Good Breakfast is proud to partner with Nockie’s Palette.

Nockie’s Palette Wines was created with a vision to combine Michael Nock’s love of wine with his passion for art. Just as the artist has a palette of paints and colours, Nockie’s Palette offers a palette of handcrafted wines showcasing unique hues, textures, flavours and terroir.

Their Cellar Door is situated at Lake Hayes in Central Otago amongst a wild English country-style garden. Besides wine tasting, Nockie’s Palette offers inspirational activities such as wine and art retreats in their Cellar Door.

Find out more and browse the range at

R18, always drink responsibly!